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Women’ Rights and Social Protection

Women’ Rights and Social Protection

Women's Rights and Social Protection

It focuses on women’s social-economic access, freedom from all forms of abuse and exploitation of women, women participation in decision making.  According to the UN, gender equality and especially women’s rights is essential for tackling many of the world’s most pressing challenges. Women have a huge role to play in alleviating the economic crisis, improving healthcare, addressing climate change and speaking out against domestic violence. It has been suggested that holding women back implies holding back our world.

As an association serving widows, the people of the country and the world in general, puts a strong focus on women’s empowerment through diverse projects that promote changes to traditional gender roles and limitations. Our ongoing women’s empowerment projects work towards:

  1. 1.Legal reforms giving women equal ownership rights over land, property and inheritance, as well as the right to access and manage economic resources, financial services and natural resources, in accordance with the laws of Rwanda.
  2. 2.Full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of public, political and economic decision making
  3. 3.Ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls in Rwandan society
  4. 4.Eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls through anti-GBV campaigns and advocacy

Generally, AVEGA advocates for vulnerable female participation in the economy, society, and political decision-making. We work hard through community workshops and disseminating information, to make sure that women understand their rights both at home and in the community.