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Peace building and conflict management

Peace building and conflict management

Peace Building and Conflict Management

The Peace building and conflict management program focuses on fostering social cohesion, restoring hope to survivors, tolerance and dignity for the post genocide Rwandan community. The targeted groups include youth, women, genocide survivors, ex-combatants, children born out of rape and families of convicted genocide perpetrators to achieve reintegrate sustainable stability and national development.

Our Approach:

  1. *Community dialogue
  2. *Sport therapy
  3. *Conflict transformation
  4. *Honoring the memory of victims of genocide and documenting the experiences of our members and other survivors
  5. *Psychosocial support: For survivors and other groups in need of protection

In this programme, we design the projects under the following category:

1.Horana Ubuzima Bwiza Project

2.Counseling Services

3.Widows Testimony digitization project